Classic Multiple Users w/ OS X Installed


After installation, my kids noticed all their stuff was missing when we booted into 9.

Here's the trick:

1) OS X puts ALL of OS 9 into it's own folder, including the "Users" folder for Mutiple Users.

2) OS X creates its own "Users" folder our where the old one used to be.

3) When in OS 9, Multiple Users is fooled into thinking that this is THE Users folder it wants, but it actually contains OS X user data.

4) SOLUTION: Ensure login names in OS X and OS 9 are different, then copy the individual user folders from the OS 9 folder into the new OS X Users folder. This seems to work ok.

I know some of you gurus are saying "duh", but this shows you where most of us are with our computer skills...


iMac 233 Rev B, 96 Meg RAM