Classic on a 12" Powerbook


I have the Mac OS 9.2.1 Official Installation CD and want to install it on a TiBook G4/867 but it won't recognize the CD as bootable (neither while holding 'c' down at start up nor in System Preferences in the 'Startup Disk' pane.

Help would be appreciated,
Use the 9.2.2 Classic that came with your system?
That Powerbook will not _boot_ to 9.2, so the only way you can use an OS 9 application is via Classic mode, while booted on OS X.
What application would be the reason for you to want to boot to OS 9?
I think the TiBook 867 is OS9 bootable. The AlBook 867 isn't.

In any event, it came with 9.2.2 on the software restore disc(s),
so you can load it up from there.

I don't know what "the official" 9.2.1 install disc is. I got a 9.2.2
installer for an iBook that works fine on my G4 867DP MDD (eBay,
$40 US).
most macs won't boot with an OS older than it is. newer is fine (and old G3 can run tiger) but older doesn't. i'm not sure when the cut off is (when they decide that this model can't run that OS), but generally assume it as a rule. i can't boot 10.1 on my powermac, for example, i think