Classic (os 10.3) Hp Photosmart 1315


My hp photosmart 1315 printer prints in OS 10.3 and OS 9 and does not print in CLASSIC. It does NOT come up in the Chooser. What do I do?

I tried what is below and does not show up properly to follow these procedures --or at least I don't understand how to do it? THANKS!

Mac OS X 10.3: Printing in Classic using a Mac OS X inkjet printer driver

If you're using a Classic application, you can print from it using a Mac OS X printer driver. This applies only to inkjet (raster) printers that use a single driver to print from either Mac OS X or Classic applications. Here's how to do this in Mac OS X 10.3 through 10.3.9.

1 From the Finder Go menu, choose Go to Folder.
2 In the resulting dialog, type /Applications (Mac OS 9)/Utilities and then click Go (or press Return).

Note: This command only works if your Mac OS 9-related folders are on the same volume as Mac OS X. If they are on a different volume (or partition), navigate to the Utilities folder in the Applications (Mac OS 9) folder on that volume.

3 Double-click Desktop Printer Utility to open it.
4 In the New Desktop Printer dialog, select "Translator (PostScript)" and click OK.
5 In the resulting dialog, click Create.
6 Type a name for your new desktop printer, such as "PostScript Translation," then click OK.
7 Quit Desktop Printer Utility.
8 Open the Classic application from which you wish to print. When you're ready to print, choose Print from the File menu.
9 In the resulting Print dialog, choose your new desktop printer ("PostScript Translator," or whatever you named it) from the pop-up menu, and click Save.
10 In the resulting dialog, give your file a name (or use the name that is provided automatically), select a location where the file will be easy to find later (such as your desktop), and click Save. (The file may take a moment to appear on the desktop or in a Finder window.)
11 To print the PostScript file, drop it on a desktop printer icon, or on the name of a printer in Printer Setup Utility. If you drop the file on the Printer Setup Utility icon in the Dock, it will be printed to the default printer.

Tip: You can view and print your new file from the Preview application, where advanced printing options, such as print quality and duplex settings, can be used.