Classic quits on launch (Powerbook G3)


Running the beta on a Powerbook G3 'bronze keyboard' with 192 MB of RAM - works fine, except Classic hasn't run a single time. It loads, but the status bar in the startup window doesn't get filled, and then when on the OS9 desktop the icon of the second partition (an applications partition, after the OS9 system partition) should appear, Classic quits without explanation. All the partitions are HFS+, all are okay according to Disk First Aid and Conflic Catcher, and no unusual extensions are installed on the OS9 system.
Any clues, anyone?
You're running 9.0.4, aren't you? I had the exact problem you mention, deinstalled 9.0.4 (technically speaking, reinstalled 9.0, but that sounds harder) and was fine.
This is perhaps not exactly the problem you are describing, but perhaps related.

I have found that after OS 9 (in Classic) crashes once, sometimes it won't start again. The reason, as far as I can tell, is that it actually consists of two processes, and in some sorts of crashes, only the one dies. The other, called TruBlueEnvironment, sticks around - it's borked, but it doesn't die. Then when you try to restart Classic, it uses this borked copy of TruBlueEnvironment and dies again immediately.
I solved the problem, doing this:
Make a copy of the OS 9 system folder (leaving out unnecessary stuff) on the OS X partition
Move the 9.0.4 Enabler to the root level of the partition
Reinstall OS X on the dedicated partition, without reformatting, using HSF+
This works. Classic loads and everything runs smoothly now.
I just got here...
And read about Hiram\\\'s problems with getting Classic to launch. I\\\'ve been running OSX on an iMac for a while with the \\\"not supported languages\\\" workaround outlined by arydh.

So I went and installed on my iBook. OS904 and OSX on separate HFS+ partitions. I get the same problem, just as described by Hiram. The solution seems rather complicated. I guess that others have installed on iBook and got Classic running? I get confused :confused: by a solution which is kind of mystical. I\\\'d be happy for a suggestion!