Classic startup disk error.


I have OS X (release version) and OS 9.1 on my Titanium G4; but when I try to run Classic or any Classic applications, I'm immediately given an error:

"This startup disk will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest installer to update this disk for this model."


The system is new-out-of-the-box yesterday; with a fresh partitioning and install of 9.1. I didn't re-install the 9.1 that came with X, but, I suppose I'll give that a shot now.

The MacOS 9 cd that ships with OSX will not boot on my G4 Titanium; so I am not able to perform a full re-install as a test.

When I try to run the installer on that CD from 9.1 (that does boot fine still -- seperate partition on my hd) I am told that it will not run on my computer.

This, I must say, is rather unfortunate.

So, I'm stuck unable to run Classic still.