Classic Survial?


Do you think that Classic apps will survive more than a year? Despite the fact that you can use the Classic mode, it's still unconvenient, even if it is a technological amazement. I still find myself occasionally starting up with OS 9.1 just to go faster and with more ease. I have a lot of great apps in 9.1 that I like a lot and have yet to be carbonized. What should I do? Should I abandon the old apps and get new OS X apps, or just live with the slowly dying Classic for awhile?
I think that within a year OS X will become faster, and more apps will be ported to it. I think that by in large most new apps will be made cocoa instead of carbon, thus slowly phasing out classic apps. Classic will be a way to run those old obsolete apps that you just cant bear to lose :)
Let's be fair - OS X runs on a fraction of the hardware that 9.1 will. Sure, that gap is closing, and pretty soon Macs that can't run X will be like Macs that couldn't run 8 in 1997. But that doesn't make them any less useful or pleasing - we've lived with and loved them for this long, right?

I mean damn, you can set up a Classic running 6 as an email terminal for dirt cheap. I've got a Quadra660 that handles my phone calls, does some light video work, and occasions as a NetBSD box as well.

So what if OS X is the future? I still listen to records from the 50's. Classic isn't going anywhere guys, its just going to be preserved in its most pristine, stable, erratic, blissful state, forever. As long as there are pre-X Macs used anywhere, Classic will live on as the predecessor to the most advanced operating system in the world.

I really should work for Apple.

You are right but, just like CDs took over vinyl, the same way cocoa will take over carbon. Sure people will use the older machines with pre-x, just like my old performa 635CD is good still.

Do you see new stuff on vinyl today ? Very limited selection! Some hip hop for those hip hop clubs, and dance music for club DJs, but the mainstream stuff is on CD unless you special order (and that is a big if).

Older hardware and OSes have their place, I think the original poster meant if companies will continue to make the volume of software for classic now that X is out.