Classic TCP connections dont show under netstat...


something i noticed last night, thought i was just too tired to think, then saw it again this morning...

i was running applications under classic that access TCP like better telnet, etc and when i looked from Terminal to see what network connections were being made (via netstat) i DIDNT SEE THEM!!!

give it a shot. bring up your classic, bring up your old fave telnet program, telnet somewhere outside your box, then bring up terminal and do a netstat -f inet and see nothing....

yeah we noticed that with the public beta. what happened was we were using OSX as a nat server but if classic was running it stoped working! My guess is that when apple says that you're running two OSes they mean it! Classic and OS X don't seem to share the same network stack.

They share the same IP and that's it. It's similar to VirtualPC in many respects.

If you have a network monitor using a NKE (network kernel extension) then you will see all traffic. Apple has documentation on building an NKE if you want.