Classic with 8.6


Does anyone know(or better yet tried) to use MacOS 8.6 with Classic? It seems that if it works with the DP's that it should work for the beta. I believe that X server requires that you have at least 8.6 for the classic environment.
8.6 works fine with my imac and do not see the need to go to 9 unless X beta will not work without it. Quite possibly I will just run X without classic until some figures out how to get it to work with older MacOSs. Thanks,
No No and NO! OS X will only accept OS 9.

Cliiped from Apple's White paper:

Classic is an application compatibility environment inside of which Mac OS 9 applications run.
The Classic environment is enabled through an existing installation of Mac OS 9. All you need
is a copy of Mac OS 9 installed on your computer, and you are ready to use Classic applications.
Most but not all Mac OS 9 applications will run in the Mac OS X Classic environment. For more
information on Mac OS X–compatible applications, see the Apple website at
On the apple site read carefully.

"You’ll also need to check two things. First, you may need a memory upgrade —128MB of Memory (RAM) is recommended for using the Public Beta. Second to get the most out of Classic applications make sure that you've upgraded to Mac OS 9.04."

I think that I can get just as much from 8.6. Also how is the classic environment for X going to be different than for X server. Seems rather than reInvent the wheel, just use what works. I want a reply from someone that has tried this rather than a quote from something that I allready read. Thanks,