Classic won't fully finish startup!


I have a G3 266 with 224 MB of ram. When I boot up in X everything goes fine, once the screen is up the classic starts to load, it goes through all the extension and the progress bar fills up to about 98% and thats as far as it goes. It doesn't crash but just stays and 98% keeps running and goes no further. Please help.
I have the same problem when Classic attempts to launch from my 9.1 partition instead of the 9.1 under X. It has to do with extensions that are incompatible with X's Classic layer. Try starting classic with extensions disabled from System Preferences. If it starts you can go through some trial and error getting the proper extension set set up for Classic.

Good luck,
I had a similar problem that cleared after I rebooted in OS 9.1, and unchecked some extensions with Extension Manager (including the Action Utitlites suite). The next time I started Classic within OS X it said that it needed to install some things and asked me to wait. Then it started up normally. I did get another message that the Global Village Global Fax extensions were incompatible, so i ended up deleting those also.