Classic won't quit



I've got OSX installed on beige G3 266, 96 Ram. OSX and Classic work almost perfectly. Except that Classic tends to refuse to quit. I've got OS9 on one partition, OSX + OS9 on the other. While in OSX, clicking e.g. on the Word98 app or on a Word98 file icon will start up Classic, but Word doesn't open. Suppose I open the Classic app in a second step (first I open Classic, THEN Word98) then double-click on a Word file, the file won't show up. I found only one way to open it, that is by the File pop-up menu in Word itself.
Suppose now I want to quit Classic, I quit Word first, then I do Command + Q to quit Classic... nothing happens... do it by the pop-up menu... nothing again. Eventually I force to quit, then it's ok. What a procedure!

I've got a similar problem : classic cannot quit. I can eventually force quit, but trueblueenv stays...
But when I log as root classic quits without a problem. Deleting the Classic prefs file makes no change.
My os9 is a fresh install on the same disk than osX.

Still waiting for an idea...

I've having similar problems - trueblueenv stays running even after I have shut down Classic. Happens all the time if I start up classic, then click to cancel the loading process. After Classic quits, the classic environment still continues to load in the background.

I've going to hazard a guess that this is a bug within far, the only thing I've been able to do is submit a beta bug report, and go into the Process Manager and shut it down by hand.