Classic won't start: HD Drivers


I'm getting an error when trying to start classic that the Hard Drive driver needs to be updated.

Here's my system: G4 MP 450; OS 9.0.4/OS X, 192 MB. My hard drives are WDC 5400 20 GB (came with G4) and a Quantum Fireball Plus LM 7200 30 GB.

I've installed OS 9 on both drives. I've installed OS X on both. Both drives seem to work fine when booted into OS 9. When I set the jupers so that the OS X drive is the master drive (i.e. Quantum master, WDC slave) OS X boots fine and things seem to run o.k. However, when I try to start Classic, I get the same vague error for both drives saying something like "This drive is not supported with this driver. Use Installer to install latest driver. See device manufaturer for the latest driver."

I can sort of understand the Quantum drive not having a OS X driver, but the WDC shipped with the computer!

Two questions:
1. Has anyone gotten OS X/Classic to run with apple's 20GB WDC drive?

2. Where can I find the necessary drivers for my hard drives? I've tried Apple, WDC, and Quantum's Web sites to no avail. Perhaps I didn't use right search criteria. Is anyone keeping a master driver list somewhere?


The exact error is: "This startup disk will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest Installer to update this disk for this model." It is in a dialog box with a "Restart" button.

Could they have used more "this"' if they tried?

It works! The problem comes from two similar software CDs that shipped with my computer. One disk is "Power Mac G4 Software Restore" and the other is "Power Mac G4 Software Install" It is important to use the Software Install CD for the OS9 install.

On the Quantum dirve, I had originally used the Software Restore CD, which does not load the correct drivers for the Hard Drive.

I have just wiped the Quantum drive (slave), and reinstalled OS9 using the Software Install CD. Next I set OS X's system preferences (on the WDC (master) drive) Classic setting to use the OS9 on the Quantum drive.

Classic now starts without a problem.

So my system currently looks like:
WDC (master)
OS9 (classic does not work because I had used the Software Restore CD a while ago to reintall OS 9, but works fine when booting directly into 9)

Quantum (slave)
OS9 (works as classic or from direct boot since I used the Software Install disk)

Now I just need to see what happens when I install OS X on the Quantum and switch it from slave to master.

Hope this helps someone out there!