classic won't start: "localized resources"

Silky Slim

hey folks
i'm having an obscure problem with classic, i hope you can help me out!
when trying to start classic, i get the following error:
"there are no localized classic-specific resources to update the system folder on (my drive name). please choose another startup disk."
this condition persists if i try to start classic with extensions off.
the problem started while i was using 10.0.4, but didn't go away when i upgraded to 10.1. my classic OS version is 9.2.1.
i searched the web for this error message. apple doesn't have anything on it, and the only people who encountered this problem were using the osx public beta and a scandinavian version of mac os 9. they posted a detailed workaround on your website, but i have no idea whether it still applies to 10.1.
i use a hebrew-enabled version of os 9, but as i said, it ran just fine until this problem started.
please, please help
thanks a lot, yaniv eidelstein
Mac OS X when launches classic checks to see that it can (classic uses some additional files combined with OS 9 to enable it to launch as it does).
If these files are not present, it asks you if you want to copy them into OS 9 to enable it to run in classic mode.
As your version of OS 9 is running in hebrew mode, it cannot find the right files (OS X doesn't come bundled with hebrew classic files).
All I can suggest, short of installing an English version of OS 9, is to try to start up in OS 9, select english as your perferred language/keyboard etc), go into OS X, launch classic, install the files, and then in OS 9 again :eek: switch back to hebrew.