Classic works fine. OS 9 freezes before happy mac. (New Installation)


I recently installed OS X 10.1. I subsequently installed OS 9.2.1 that came with it.

Classic boots fine. I've installed and run everything from a variety of kids' games to Office 98 and AppleWorks 6.

BUT, if I set the startup disk to the OS 9 partition, the system freezes before happy mac. I can boot from the CD, boot into OS X. It requires a paperclip to reboot if I select the OS 9 partition.

Two partitions. 1 8 Gig partition for OS X, the rest (6.31 gigs) for OS 9. iMac rev B with firmware upgraded when I bought OS 9 originally a year or more ago. 160 MB RAM. I unplugged all the USB devices and ethernet.

I reinstalled OS 9 twice (even erasing the system folder). I reinstalled OS X. I haven't scrubbed the hard drives. Booting with the option key doesn't seem to do anything on my system.

Any help? Thanks,
Barry F.
:) I had a similiar problem. I traced it down to two things, (1) A control panel/extension called NetPrint and (2) having my digital camera microdrive installed in the Microtech card reader.

I deleted NetPrint and make sure I don't have the microdrive plugged in.

I could start with extensions off without problem. That doesn't seem to be the case with you.