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Registered is not responsible for the legitimacy of any posts in our classifieds. Use your own common sense as you would anywhere else on the internet. Please report any problems that you encounter with any of our classified advertisers.

General Guidelines:
1. No misleading thread titles.
2. Please post a price for all advertised sales.
3. Posting links to auctions is permitted, but please post a reply when the auction is over so we may remove the thread.
4. No multi-level marketing (MLM) or referral schemes.
5. No bootlegged software sales or 'warez'.
6. Please show a valid email address or have your pm enabled.
7. Please, no "how much would you pay" threads, this information can be found elsewhere.*
8. No commercial advertising or personals
9. No Cyber Squatters
*Please try

Please add the following abbreviations at beginning of thread title to help others identify what you are advertising.

FS - For Sale
FT - For Trade
WTB - Wanting to Buy
AU - Auction Announcement
F - Free

examples: FS-slot loading imac or FS- Selling os 9 games

Please feel free to post any questions/comments you may have here.

Thank You


I have put a thread elsewhere on this site - I need to sell my copy of Office X, but it is an academic version. I would like to try and sell it here thru the classfieds if that's ok. I will make sure i only sell it to someone who is a student or teacher. :)


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