Classsic mode-- what extensions are neccessary?

chris v

I've been trying to pare down my usual set of extensions from OS 9, so that Classic will launch faster, and use less memory.

I few things are obvious, like the iTunes extension, since there's an OS X version of iTunes, but other things confuse me.

Do I need my ATI video drivers? What about Open GL?

Here's a forinstance. I'm using Eudora in Classic mode right now. Do I need my OS 9 ethernet and TCP/IP extensions in Classic, or does OS X handle all that?

Also, the Disk Warrior extension has a big red X through it, as it goes by during the "March of the Extensions" during classic startup. Wassup widat? Is it a bad idea to run Disk Warrior in its present OS 9 form from classic, or to run it to rebuild directories on a hard drive containing OS X?

Questions, questions, questions....



i hate when i have a real question and most of everyone else has the same problem and so as a result no one replies because we are all totally clueless... that is unless you are one of those people (reading this) that knows the answer but doesnt like typeing because of the manual work it entails then of course you are a jerk while we all suffer with our classic problems..

BTW this post is absolutely pointless and i am aware of it.



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Good point skenagle, but I think no one has jumped up on this one is 'cause there are soooooo many variables! ;)

The way I found out if things worked on my system was to systematically work through each set of extensions. Enabling, disabling, restarting, kicking, and screaming... Believe me, you've got to be in the mood for this...

My PowerBook for example plays Diablo II fine in classic mode, but faster in a software rendering situation as opposed to OpenGL. So... running my OpenGL extensions are useless, but my ATI's are critical.

To make things ever more interesting many Classic apps will just shutout... They'll bounce on the bottom a couple of times, and when they're supposed to show... Nothing...

Like I said before this is a project you need to be in the mood for! :p

Good luck!