Clean Install and setting up swap...


First of all I have the new iBook Fire Wire with 384 ram, 500 mhz, combo drive, 10GB HD.

Say I want to do a clean install, and I have the OS9 and OS 10.0.3 install disk, along with the update CD's for 9.2.1 and 10.1.

I am going to want to use disk utility on the 10.0.3 installer to format my disk, and will want to creat three partitions.


How big should my 9 and Swap partition be, assuming I have no classic apps and do not intend to get any. The only software I have is Nortan Anti Virus and MS Word/Entourage combo which I don't need with the Word Test Drived available.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



Honestly you won't see a heck of a big difference using a swap on just a partition... the benefit is minimal unless it's on a completely seperate drive.

My swap is on a completely seperate drive and it really doesn't make a huge difference in speed. I do see the spinning beachball less. but with one drive the head is still jumping all over to access the disk.

now if you got an external firewire drive and put your swap on that that would work. but you would always have to have it attached.

you can read more info about swaps for yourself here
nice detail about swaps for the beginer

now a nice idea would be to put your Users folder on an external fireware drive... you could move your user to any machine quickly :) retaining all your prefs and settings mmm now that's sweet.

in the end the choice for moving your swap is up to you the link I gave will explain in detail how to do it.