Clean install available in the 10.1 update CD??????


I haven't got the CD yet :(

But I saw somewhere on the net someone said there is a clean install option in the update CD. Of course you still can't do anything with the installer if there's no previous OS X installed.

Anyone who has the CD please confirm this. Thanks
i have not verified it myself...nor am i going to....but from what i've been able to piece together, the "clean install" option (which with the update cd means choosing the reformat option) does not work properly and will leave you with a non-functional os. if you want to clean install, you need to reformat, install 10.0, update to 10.0.4, then 10.1
The icon is me yawning- my alarm goes off in an hour- ugh- napping at work today.

I reinstalled 10.0, upgraded to 10.0.4, then installed from the CD...

"Erase volume and format as..." hmm... sure- a squeaky clean install...

It brings you to the setup assistant without any localization information- I was able to get into the OS by inserting a blank CD, clicking on initialize to open up disk first aid, going into help, and then clicking on any of the "open this for me" links, which opened something by using the finder, which, if it wasn't present, opened. Unfortunately, there isn't any way to convince the MacOSX setup assistant that I'd setup and was good to go- correction, I couldn't find any way- so it's back to the drawing board for me. I had work to do tonight too :) gaaaaaaah
You do not have to update to 10.0.4 before installing 10.1

All you have to do is format the drive (partition) Intstall 10.0.0 (4K78), set everything up, And then Install the 10.1 update over it, it completely replaces the files needed and I believe erases the localization options if you choose not to install them in the 10.1 upgrade.... This is how I did it and 10.1 ias a s smooth as promised. :D
with a sevral month old installation of on my OSX partition, told it to erase the destination, and it installed a clean 10.1 without any problems.