Clean install of 9.1. How do i do it?


I have an old Imac that i want to sell. But first i want the entire computer clean. I've got the Mac OS 9.1 CD. There are two hard disks in the computer. On the first one i've successfully did a clean install of Mac OS 9.1. But the other hard disk is read only. I can't format it with disk tool. I've also heard it's possible to boot from the CD, but i don't know how to do this.
If memory serves me correctly, when you boot from the CD, holding down the C key. You will have the install screen, and both drives should show up as well. The icon for the install CD should be there as well. On the at CD is Disk Utility, you can use that to reformat the drive.
I also believe when you get to the install screen, the drop down menu provides some additional options, and you may be able to format the drive from there. :rolleyes:
If you want to wipe out the contents completely, a clean install won't do it. You would need to wipe the drive using the included Drive Setup in the Utilities folder in the OS 9.1 CD. Then just perform the install as normal once the drive is formatted.

A clean install will only rename the old System Folder and create a new one with only the Apple-supplied Extensions and Control Panels. All the other files will still remain and the old System Folder will be renamed to "Previous System Folder." I don't think you want this available to the buyers of your computer. ;)
Yes...just hold down the CD key right after the bootup chime and once you notice the CD booting into Mac OS 9, you can let go of the C key.