cli FTP with put recursive option


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I find it pretty darn amazing that both ncftp and ftp that come on 10.0 do not have a simple -R for the put command.... ftp`ing via the cli is useless to me with out that.... So I was wondering if anyone knew if either ncftp has been updated or if there was another cli ftp app that had recursive put and get features that I could in-plant on my system ;)

ncftp on my install claims to be version

NcFTP 2.4.3 (March 19, 1998), by Mike Gleason.

At work we have

Program version: NcFTP 3.0.1/448 March 27 2000, 04:39 PM

Try going to to get a newer version and compile.

Well, I downloaded the source code ... he he....

But I have never compiled anything other than a REALBasic app ;)

any suggestions ?
(read the bottom first, this may not be needed)

Ok, step by step..

gunzip ncftp-3.0.3-src.tar.gz
tar -xpf ncftp-3.0.3-src.tar
cd ncftp-3.0.3-src

It says it ended with errors, so on a whim I also did

bsdmake (not sure if that is standard install tho)

it also says it ended with errors, but... I noticed that in the bin directory it did compile ncftp...

so then I did

sudo make install (type in your admin pwd)

which ncftp

and now type ncftp and it comes up 3.0.3.

man ncftp and you'll see how to do recursive operations.

Actually my man page still says 2.4.3 and says it does recursive gets, I think I've done recursive puts as well, but not sure. Maybe you didn't need to do all this :)