Clone OSX System to another partition


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I have tried to clone the whole OSX partition from one partition to anothe, however I can't boot it up in the new partition. Can anyone tell me how to configure the boot loader in Mac OSX. Thanks!:D


Yes, isn't there an easy way to move OS X to another partition if you for example want to format the disc? If not, what is the harder way? ;)


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Yes, use the Apple Software Restore app. I think you get it when you download Darwin. To clone a volume, you just have to drag the volume over the ASR icon, I think, and then you can choose the settings in the app.


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You can use Synk in MacOS (not OS X!)

I have successfully copied a bootable OS X volume using this app. Don't run it in OS X because OS X Carbon doesn't copy file permissions when asked to (I claim this is a bug, Apple doesn't)


I have successfully done this!

In OS 9, I used ResEdit (file->get file info) to make all of the aliases (etc, usr....) immediately on the partition visible. From there it's just a matter of selecting all of those files and copying them to the new partition. (after you finish, you may want to make the files invisible again.