Clone Sys Pref Shortcuts!


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You know that little bar at the top of the System Preferences window? You know how you can only have one icon for a pane (for example, you can only have one link to the Network pane)? Well, now you can have more. I found out yesterday that you can drag the little 'poofs' that you see when you drag an icon out of the bar. There are two little thing you can do knowing this:

1) Put two icons in the bar (only two, more will not work). Drag the first one out, then un-click and click (very quickly!) and drag the little poof back in. This will create a blank space, and then the second icon. Neither will be click-able, so i don't exactly know the point of this, but it's neat.

2) This one has some actual value. Fill the shortcut bar so it has one empty space at the far right side. Drag in the icon you want to clone and before it stops moving and becomes a part of the bar, click it. It should pop over to the right empty space. Now remove another icon (not the one you just put in) and do it again (with the same icon you used the first time). It should pop over to the right side, again and now you have two of the same icons in the bar. You can fill up the bar with the same icon over and over, or whatever. You can drag them like normal icons, and they behave normally. I am attaching one I made that is symmetrical. Very cool.


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