Is reporting biased?

  • Yes, the people at cnet are in love with beige!

  • No

  • Yes, I think Steve Jobs is the editor.

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Anyone out there feel that reporting done by is biased in pro-pc or pro-mac way?

I ask this because i found the following quote in cnet's article on the debut of the new iBook:

"One of the models, which can play DVD movies, will sell for $1,499. A version with a CD-rewritable drive will cost $1,599. The highest-end iBook, which has a combination drive that can record CDs and play DVD movies--but not record DVDs--will sell for $1,799."

But not record DVD's? They've been watching the iTunes visualizer for too long! Last I heard nobody was burning DVD's on a laptop, we except for mabey a few isolated cases in Cupertino :) We'll I blew it, I guess you know how I voted now.
Oh yeah, i may just be blowing this all out of proportion, i just want to make clear that this isn't an isolated event, it seems to me that on many different occasions they've been quick to say "beleaguered"
Me thinks that those c|net folk are a bunch o idiots.
I dont read as much from them because they seem VERY biased.

the combo drive doesnt record DVDs...pft.... show me a wintel laptop that CAN,
and show me a wintel laptop (sub $2000) that can do DVD playback and CD-RW
in the SAME drive.

The guy is either biased or wants to take his DVD pirating on the go since he doesnt want to be caught!

Damn idiot!

Agreed. I have pretty much stopped going to c|net because of their obvious bias. Just how often do they update d/ anyway? I went there and they had just put up a piece of software that had been out for over a month as "just released". Screw c|net they aren't worth my time or bandwidth.
Yeah, I've pretty much been turned off to c|net, but not because of Mac/PC rivalries: they simply rarely have any substance.

Now zdnet is becoming anti-Mac as well. Check out the article on MacNN. Zdnet is claiming that Apple is stealing from the opensource community and that they should opensource sorenson (which they don't own) and TrueType (which is co-owned by M$). Even the /.ers are saying that the article is pure FUD while all the winblows zombies are agreeing with it.

Well zdnet and c|net are now on my list of sites not to ever waste time on again.

Why are all the big media sites so hell bent on destroying Apple? Is it because Apple made the most powerful OS and they are scared of change?

Sorry about the rant but I really starting to get annoyed by all this FUD.
two things:
1) can u specify a link to the article ?
2) define FUD, cant remember what it it :p

C|net only seems biased against Apple because all Mac sites are so much biased pro Apple.

But I indeed think that they are on purpose. They may be sick of the Apple sectarianism (which is a fact, in the original meaning of the word) - or they may be forced to be so by Windell corporations.