Cocoa-Java / Interface Builder starting points?


Does anyone know of/maintain a site aimed at beginning developers programming Cocoa with Java and using Interface Builder?

I've been working on a simple Tic Tac Toe game, and this morning realized I have no idea how to change the application icon or the icon displayed in the About box. Searching the web proved useless, and I can't just run out and buy an O'Rielly book for reference, at least not yet.
To change the application icon, first make the icon in Icon Composer (one of the Developer applications, it lets you import 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 and 128x128 icons that you've made in, say, Photoshop). Save the .icns file with your project. Then in your project, one of the lines in the targets panel is "custom icon package". Just put in the name of the icns file here. (The application icon is the same as the one displayed by default in the About box.) To change the name of the application, edit the relevant lines in the targets panel. You'll also have to change the generic plist in Resources.
Just to note, Apple's icon builder scales TERRIBLY! Better to do the scaling in Photoshop or use a better product.
Good point. Do the scaling in Photoshop, with either bilinear or bicubic sampling -- try each and see which looks better. The 16x16 icon is especially important, I think, since it is shown in column view. To get the masking working, select the part of the icon you want to be visible and choose Save Selection.. to save it into the alpha channel. Then save as tiff. When you import the tiff into Icon Builder it will extract the alpha channel.