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I am a CS student and I have done java.
I know how OOP operates, and as I have noticed this semester (in taking ANSI C ) java and C (as well a few other languages) have common properties in that characters like += or x++ or for, if-else do the same thing).

Is objective C like java in that way differing only in how you state and call methods ?

to give a truly ugly example:


String s;
int year;

s = year.toString();


[year stringValue:s];

year is the variable and stringValue is the method that puts
the string format of year into s. Objective-C is a nice
language that doesn't have many of the headaches of C or C++. Java is based in large part on Objective-C, even though it looks a lot like C++.

AdmiralK: According to Apple's manual referenced by Veti:
Objective-C is defined as [a] set of extensions to the C language. It’s designed to give C a full capability for object-oriented programming, and to do so in a simple and straightforward way. Its additions to C are few and are mostly based on Smalltalk, one of the first object-oriented programming languages. . . .

Since Objective-C incorporates C, you get all the benefits of C when working within Objective-C. You can choose
when to do something in an object-oriented way (define a new class, for example) and when to stick to procedural programming techniques . . . .
Objective-C would appear to be even closer to ANSI C than Java, since unlike Java it doesn't enforce the OO paradigm.

It took me one day to learn Objective-C and I find it a lot easier to use than Java.

C++ syntax sucks
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i have an abstracted, object-oriented API... you shouldn't concern yourself with such underlying implementation details.

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