Cocoa Questions


KU Mac Geek
I currently use REALbasic to make classic/Carbon apps, but I want to re-write my word processor app to Cocoa. Does anyone know of some Online/Book sources to help with the transition and writing Cocoa? I was thinking about the Cocoa book from O'Reilly. Any thoughts?


Dis Member the cocoa-dev list at apple and the macosx-dev list at omni are the best places to ask questions. There are a bunch of pdf & html docs at apples developer site.

The o'reilly book is ok, but not that great.

rewriting a word processor from RB to Cocoa doesn't sound like that much fun though - too easy!



i bought the bool "Learning cocoa" fro o'reilly and this is a good book, it takes examples from the apple web site.

It was not very helpfull for me because I need information about how to use cocoa with relational databases and Cococa with java.

hope it helps


I also got a cocoa question. instead of creating a new thread, i'll ask it in here. Is is possible to call a perl script through cocoa. if yes, how would i go about doing it. is there any examples i can look at.


I've never tried to call a perl script but my guess is that you'd use NSTask to launch the perl interpreter and and pass the script's path as an argument. Have a look at the NSTask documentation.