Code Red Live Tracking!


Well, the server it's on is actually X Server 1.2 until I get the cash to upgrade, but our little Mac heavy web dev shop has been getting hundreds of Code Red hits / day. I decided to make a big deal out of it. I now have public log analysis showing how Code Red has been trying to get into my system.

I serve on apache, I'm using analog for statistics, and the shell scripts and cron jobs that make it all happen every hour ... not on Mac OS 9! Maybe on Linux, but I wouldn't be nearly as cocky about my virus free status if I were running Linux.

watch for yourself!!! It's fun for the whole family.

My main work machine runs X, and classic keeps photoshop and dreamweaver going pretty much non-stop. The work flow is second to none, and it's getting smoother all the time. I have a terminal to troubleshoot the server and alter permissions, I have really good VM, and until I get paid this month, that'll have to do. RAM is so cheap. ... Anyway, back te HTML, and lines to code before I sleep, and lines to code before I sleep.