code red


u people hear about the 'code red' virus infecting MS based servers?

the following is a quote from a ZDnet article comment...,7050,114927-885042,00.html

''Code Red: Another reason not to trust Microsoft with any critical task. And, antoher reason to make sure that MSFT does not remain a monopoly. We need alternatives for new and better ideas, and we need a globals system that will not be vulnerable to one virus aimed at one brand of software. This is a fundamental reason why genetic diversity is a key strategy of biological species survival, and the same logic applies to computers. ''

i was wondering what anybody thinks about this?

personally, i think this person is right, but that also means that no company in this world will be allowed unlimited growth and development (resources and money to gain), so there is a limit to how big a corporation can be (or there should be)

this brings me to my next point money is not everything and anything that is limited is not worth pursuing so badly that you should hurt other people to get it.
He he. I've just been sitting in my own little Mac world, laughing at the Windows sheep that fell victim to the worm. The only annoying thing about it is the multitude of intrusion attempts that filled Apache's access log. Grrr.