CodeWarrior 8.2 Java and 10.2.1 problem


Any Warriors here?

When trying to make swing (or AWT) layouts in CW8.2 I have run into
some problems, no matter how i create frames, application wizard,
applet wizard or manually, I get the frame in the layout editor, but
it's all white.
I turn on and of the grid, no grid shows up.
I can create objects, textPane, button etc. I can see there position
in the layout when they are selected, but when I click outside the
object, or create another object, the object becomes invisible. It's
still there, if I click where I think it's located I get the selection
corners of the object, but thats about it, I can't se any
text,frames... nothing.
The generated code looks ok.

I have tried on two Mac's , a g4 and a new PowerBook , both running
10.2.1, with the same result.

Is this a known problem?
Is it just me?