Cofiguring GMAIL For Mail App



I am new to Mac + trying to configure Gmail for Mail. I Open the app & the account thingy pops up. I Type In the following info:

Full Name: Liam Brennan

Email Address:

Incoming Mail Server:

Account Type: POP

User Name:


Outgoing Mail Server SMTP:

When done it comes up pop server is not respondng. Does anyone else have the problem....have i entered the wrong pop address!!!

Help Plz

please specify 'pop up thing'. Do you have any other accounts already? Can you access the Preferences?
And please read the forum descriptions before posting. The HowTo forum is not for asking questions. Thanks

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the gmail website has a page on how to setup Mail for gmail. You need to make sure to change some ports as well. It's easy to overlook.
Except then you can't send as if from gmail. I got Eudora working with it with a minimum of fuss. The main sticking point for me was setting the ssl to Required, alternate port.

Like btoth said there are specific directions for configuring at the gmail site. Follow them carefully, it works fine.

You probably want to set up a rule in to put all the mails you send via the website into a special folder. Otherwise your sent mail winds up in your inbox and they can become confusing.