Color Shift In Keynote Presentation


When projecting a Keynote presentation using an InFocus projector, I experienced a terrible shift in color. The blues and purples weren't too bad, but the oranges, yellows and greens are horrible. Orange turned to green, medium green turned to an acid lime green.

I'm using OS 10.2.6 and Keynote 2.0.2.

I'm thinking it's the application since the same projector and cables were used for a powerpoint presentation right before mine and the color was fine.

I searched the Apple discussion baords and there were some postings about color shifts, but no answers.

thank you. I'm really struggling to get more people hooked on Macs, but this behavior isn't helping.
I doubt very much it would be Keynote that is the culprit, its merely that colour problems are more visible in some presentations than others. The projector might have had much the same problems for the powerpoint presentation, but it just didn't show up as such.

Still, I always find that I have to do a colour calibration any time I use a projector at work - and even then I'm rarely happy with the colour.