Colored PB G4


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thought this little tidbit was interesting from apple's powerbook site:

Titanium is also a popular choice for jewelry. Not only because jewelry designers like its strength and corrosion resistance, but because they relish the fact that they can produce a range of colors by anodizing or heating the titanium.

Anyone ever lick titanium? ;)
I was a little excited about this so I wrote the USGS on the subject. Here is their reply.

When exposed to air, titanium metal develops a protective oxide film on
its surface. At elevated temperatures (about 480 degree C (900 F), the
oxide layer builds up to give a blue color. Unless the oxide is removed,
the metal will retain this color when it cools. I don't believe your
notebook comes anywhere close to this temperature. The good news is that
it will never rust.

so.... if you take the casing off your Ti powerbook and pop it into the oven for a few hours you might be able to turn it to a pretty blue color.

anyone have a Kiln I can borrow? ;)