Colour coding irritation


Hey, I've just recently started to get back into personal web design now with my mac and there's one thing that's really irritating me. When I'm doing colour codes I go for the # key and it's not there ! I've been copying and pasting so far but I'm lazy and wondered if there was anyway to program it into a key that I never use like § or | etc. Does anyone know if:

1. this is possible?
2. if yes, could you please tell me how? :D

I'll assume you're using some other keyboard layout (something other than US), and therefore you don't have Shift+3 as a hash (though I'd be very confused if you didn't have a hash key on your keyboard).

Make sure you're using a good keyboard layout (International pane of SysPrefs). If not, put American as a choice, and turn on the input menu. At least that way you can Cmd+Opt+Space between your normal layout and US and use shift+3 the way God intended.