Colour Matching Computer Screen to Digital Camera Upload to Iphoto


I am using an iMac Graphite computer, running OSX 10.3.9) to manage my photos uploaded from a Canon PowerShot SD 300 into iPhoto 2.0.1

I also use Photoshop (version 8.0) for processing photos.

My problem is that the original photos as shown on the computer screen are considerably darker than the original photos uploaded from the camera.

The same happens after scanning photos from my Epson Perfection 2580 PHOTO scanner - all the originals are darker on the screen for this software as well.

I may have inadvertently done something, like removing the Kodak Precision startup when I replaced my old scanner running on OS 9, with the new Epson one. Part of this software still resides on my hard-drive.

I have tried to colour-correct my screen settings (monitor), but that makes everything else worse. I'm pretty sure that this is NOT a hardware problem, but rather a software problem.

I basically would like some not too technical information/suggestions as to how I may be able to correct this colour mismatch of originals.