Colour Scheme


Could the admins "fix" the colour scheme of the site? No offense... mabey others understand what i'm thinking. At the moment i find the colourscheme detracting and unplesant (as opposed to naturally indifferent or great). Do others find the colour scheme slightly detracting?

I cannot offend the administrators for this site. Its a great discussion board. I actually think all products should have such a simple "frontpage". I think its quite amazingly simple. No-Click'ing required to get to the information.

Changing the colour scheme does have another side to it. You're obviously not trying to copy any Apple colour scheme. You dont want to risk loosing (and rightfully so, i think you've put it to great use). But orange, woodchip & navy, just isnt too appealing.



Great site. Its given me more feedback & information than any other set of web resources. I'll be buying a cube when OSX is out. (i expect Macs to sell like hotcakes when OSX comes out, so prices should drop slightly, also, my dev tools should be native by then).

Colors dont seem to be a great problem. We (I) agree we need some new colors, this comes with time. As you have read, we are looking for ways to improve the site, so your ideas will help! We will see how we can improve this!