Colour selection in 10.4 Tiger


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I don't think this has been covered elsewhere....

Since upgrading to Tiger, I seem unable to specify unique colours for type, etc, in the way that I have been used to - up until 10.3. All I seem to be able to do is choose one of the pre-selected colours from the Apple 'crayon' set - instead of using three- or four-colour sliders or the former 'spectrum' pallette with its light to dark slider....

Or have I missed something somewhere in preferences? Can anyone enlighten me?
In What programs? Use the formatting from the program you're using, you should be able to use any color. At least it's available in Word and TextEdit. Only ones I've looked at.
OK - thanks. You've helped solve it.

I was having problems with formatting text in - couldn't get my old distinctive Navy Blue for my signature. I checked out TextEdit and dicovered that all options were available there, as before.

All I needed to do in Mail was to click that little blue button at top right of the color choice box to make all the other options appear. Why, oh why, don't Apple make these things more obvious?

It works - so thanks, Bob.
By 'that blue button' I assume you mean the ellipse in the top right corner. This for any application will show and hide the toolbar at the top of it. Don't worry, when I first came to Mac OS X I thought the crayon picker was all :p


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