Command Click


I just found a little something. If you command click on a program in the dock it brings up the program in the finder (ie the location of the program)

If you Command-Option-click an item in the dock then all other windows (that do not belong to the item clicked) are hidden. This also works if the item clicked is an application that isn't currently running -- in this case the application is launched and then all other windows are hidden.
Actually, command-click in an application window hides all other apps.

I wonder wether a script could automate this behaviour a la Wapp Pro, the fine shareware available on OS9.
Which applications does this work with? Every time I try Command-Option-click in a window absolutely nothing happens. Are you referring to Command-Option-clicking in the Dock?
ready, here it is crystal clear:

command click on an item in the dock: opens finder window to location of that app/file

Command-option click an item in the dock: hides all applications except for the one you clicked on

option click from one application to another: just like in os 9 and earlier, holding down option and swictching applications will hide the application that was active prior to you clicking on another app