command Key not working


I loaded a new G5 with Tiger, using SuperDuper to image the drive (it's a good image, 4 machines working fine with it). I have set up a new account, copied all of the user data over from the old drive, and everything seemed to work out. Now all of a sudden, my command key does not work to save, open, new, info, or any of the other functions involved with the command key. I can use the menu, but this is slow. I saw another post that mentioned changing the keyboard input to US - Roman, but this did not work to fix my problem. Is it a damaged pref file that I can reset? Other accounts on the machine work fine.
As well, I can create new folders, but I cannot change the name of the folder. It's an admin account, and I know I have R & W rights to the location, but it will not allow me to change the name of the directory.