command line book


I wonder how long it'll be until we see a OS X command line for dummies book.... hell, I'd buy it!

there is no need to wait because CLI books for UNIX already exist.

I have two of em (required for classes)

1) Harley Hahn's Student Guit to UNIX
2) Unix for programmers and users
If you buy any BSD book it'll tell you pretty much any thing you want about how to use the command line - I found that for people like myself who vaiguely knew how to use UNIX, the best book to buy was O'Reilly's "UNIX in a nutshell book", it gives detailed instructions for almoste every command, plus info on emacs, vi, troof scripting and a bit about make files etc... check it out it's worth everything to me!
One of my classes I'm taking doesn't really have any textbook, and most of the materials are posted online. But my teacher suddenly had us buy those two books:

* Essential System Administration, 2nd Ed. (O'Reilly)
* Unix System Administration Handbook, 3rd Ed. (Prentice Hall)

First one seems to cover all sorts of commands, while second one explains different things you can do with UNIX.

Ok, I got books, I got school Unix account ... but our Unix lab has turned into Win2k lab before I knew.

Well, another reason to convince me to get OS X right there. Was that a coincident or what? But either way ... it worked for me. :D

I would recommed pretty much any Unix/BSD book from O'Reilly, they have been usefull to me for years.

For anyone wanting to find more details on some of the well known Unix tools, e.g. sed/awk/grep etc you can get small O'Reilly's that go into great detail.

Also, since it's Unix, there is a heap of on-line documentation available as part of the OS.

I'm refering to the _man_ual pages. For pretty much any Unix utility, try man <command-name>
e.g. man grep

The man pages unfortunatly won't be there for OSX specific tools unless Apple is kind enough to right them, but it certainly provides a handy quick reference to commands.


p.s. OSX rules - I've been using about 10 different Unix's for around 6 years now, and OSX is the best OS I've ever had the pleasure of using... :)