Command line executables..?


I finally got !0.1 an installed it with the new dev tools. I was hoping that this was gonna solve somme of my problems but... I still can't run stuff from the command line. I can compile just fine using cc and c++ but when I type in te name of the object file I get a 'command not found' prompt. Can anyone help? I don't even know where to start to fix this... I am about to reluctantly retreat back to the lab and the iris workstations...:confused:
if you are using a terminal...and you want launch an application from it, ( ex temp :the application you have compiled) you must write the complete path of the application you want launch ex:
1) the application is in the current directory:
2) if you want launch your application from all directory you must edit an file in your home (in linux is .bashrc in macosx is a thing like it maybe .tchsrc i have forget it) and add in the section path "./"

Ps: Excuse me for my realy not good...

As a note, you shouldn't put '.' in your path unless you put it at the very end of your path. It could cause problems if its at the begining because someone could slip a trojan into a directory and when you cd into and then run ls, it could run. If its at the end of the path though, the system will run the /bin/ls before it finds the./ls.