Command-Tab = Screen Freeze (occasionally)


Hi there,

I've had this problem since Tiger - occasionally the screen will freeze in the middle of a Command-Tab (switching to other application). Its not tooooo bad when I'm connected to a network, because I can fix it be relaunching Finder by killing it from the command line (unless I've got my remote login disabled, in which case I'm equally screwed). I haven't managed to do anything else which unfreezes it.

I've had this problem with every update of Tiger. I've also had the problem on my old 15" PB and also my new 17" PB. It doesn't happen very often, but it sure as hell is annoying when it does!

Is anyone else experiencing this? Are there any workarounds?

Hrm. Had another freeze today. The mouse was still working, but nothing would respond. This time I couldn't even remote logon to the computer - even though the service was running. (I'd successfully connected prior to the freeze).
This happened after I'd opened iTunes 5 for the first time. After opening iTunes and agreeing to the license the kernel process went haywire! It was eating about 95% (at least) of the processor time. Everything was still responding at this time - just very sluggishly. Does iTunes 5 kick off an mdimport? Anyway - I'd managed to start downloading some stuff from ITMS - so left closed everything else and left iTunes running. Once the downloads had finished, the whole thing froze up. Damn :(
This whole freezing thing is getting to be very annoying - I hope Apple manage to fix this problem soon - otherwise WinXP users will start laughing at the instability of my system!!!