Command-Tab trouble


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Had this weired COMMAND-TAB problem yesterday.
After a short lunch break, returning to my MB Pro I noticed the application switcher (not sure if that's what its called, the command-tab feature, you get a display of all running applications, and as you continue hitting Tab, you can choose which app to switch to) going absolutely crazy.
Had 4 apps open and the switcher moved from one to the next at high speed... I couldn't open any programs, mouse was not responding. The only thing I got working was restarting my machine. Forcequit wasn't responding at all... after the re-boot the same thing started happening again, with the app-switcher going wild between the two open applications... and then, it magically disappeared. I should mention, I hardly ever use the switcher and haven't used it prior to this problem happening.
I can use it now, no problem. Any idea what that was? Should I be concerned. Any tests I could run?

OS X 10.4.8


My best guess is if you use a mighty mouse then one of the shortcuts on the mouse thats suppose to be switch between applications was stuck. Try disabling your mouse or unplug it and see if it fixes the issue next time that arrises.

The other posibility is that maybe you had something in your keyboard that made the keys stick. However that would be very unlikly because that would need two keys to be stuck at the same time.


... somewhere in B.C. ...
Thanks supanatral!
interesting... my first thought was my mouse as well. I'm using the Logiteck MS Revolution mouse with tons of programmable buttons. My thought was that maybe the left click command was changed to Command-Tab. Since I couldn't access any control menu items, I wasn't able to check it out. Once everything worked again, I looked at the mouse control panel and all was fine. Working on my MB pro now for a few days and nothing like that has happened since... ;-)
oh...and no sticky keys. I'm pretty anal when it comes to keeping my toy clean...