Compatibility Problems Belkin Wap And Apextreme?



I'm trying to set up a wireless network envirement at home. Ik have an G5 iMac with AP Extreme card, a wired DSL-router (Zyxel Prestige 650 R33, provided by my ISP), and a Belkin F5D7130 Wireless Access Point connected to the router, via a switch.

I think the problem lies with the link between the WAP and my APexpress. It's a "now you see it, now you don't"-situation. I turn on Airport, see the network (all the security options are in place! Both sides), try to connect to it, and when I succeed, often lose the connection spontaneously. Sometimes in a few seconds, at best in a few minutes.

I've tried a Peer-to-Peer wireless connection with a PC-laptop to see if the APExpress card was the problem and got a connetion just fine, no sudden disconnects...

Have you any clue what might be the matter?

I'm ready to give up on wireless....

Thanks for any help!