compilation under tcsh


French version at the end of this message :

I'd like to know how I can compile my Linux application (I got the source code) under the OS X Shell. I have the development kit of Apple but I don't how to do it.

In fact I'd like to compile gnugo (completly shell) and after I wish to compile cgoban who require X Windows. I have XTools of Tenon Software.

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Je voudrais savoir comment je peux compiler mes applications Linux (j'ai les codes sources) sous le shell de Mac OS X. J'ai les kits de developpement Apple mais je ne sais pas comment faire.

En fait je voudrais compiler gnugo completement shell et par la suite cgoban quio requiert X Windows. J'ai XTools de Tenon Software.
If you have your makefiles, etc. from your linux code you shouldn't have to change very much in them to get it to compile on OSX - if it doesn't require any linux-only stuff. You will have to change your compiler line to use cc and you may have to pass in a few arguments to the compiler to make it do everything correctly. That's about it. Check out or the apple mailing lists for specifics.
valken - you reminded me that I ought to install gnugo myself. I tried. The gnugo website said that you had to manually add the flag -traditional-cpp to compile in OS X.

It didn't say where you should add it though... I tried adding it to the main Makefile, after running the configure script, but that didn't do me any good. I may try again tomorrow.

Let me know if you have any success, I'll do the same.