complete browser meltdown


a couple of weeks ago ie began crashing on startup. i figured 10.1 and 5.1 would reinstall and take care of the problem. since i am now running 10.1 and 5.1 it still doesn't work, just crashes on startup, as does icab and opera. omniweb works fine. any ideas. ie does work in classic...
did you completely UNinstall IE?

I got rid of IE a long time ago in favor of Omniweb (and have paid for my OW license...) so I cannot remeber all the places where the files are stored. But, I remember there were several locations which contained IE files that needed deleting. I just couldn't stand every HTML doc opening IE instead of OW which was set as my default browser...

My guess is that one of the pref or config files for your user is screwed. You could try to set up (if you haven't already) another user and run IE from there... That would let you know if it is the app itself or the setup, at least. But if you uninstall and reinstall IE it should be OK anyway.


Is there a reason why you prefer IE to any other browser? particularly Omniweb? Just curious...
i prefer omniweb; i consider it superior in every aspect except for the fact that i can't access my bank with omniweb. i've been a registed used of omniweb since march. but every once in a while a page won't load properly in omni so i have to revert to ie.

thanks for the help, i'll see if setting up a new user works.
which bank? why can't you access that bank?

I use fleet and the 128bit encryption works fine. In fact you can't use it without the encryption. What is the stumbling block at your bank? It may be a matter of just switching some pref in OW...
it's not the 128 bit encryption that is the problem, it is the page rendering. sometimes omniweb just doesn't work. try espn. it never works, just sends me to a text page. the same is true of my bank (navy fed). after logging on it just hangs on a page and never loads the right page.

i added a new user and ie worked fine. i wonder if the office 10b5 install i did has something to do with it?
glad to hear that the new user thing worked. That just means something is screwed with that user and IE... You could uninstall and reinstall everything. Depends on which is easier for you.

I'd contact the bank. I haven't had any of the problems you mention. I will try ESPN when I get home later today...