CompUSA - King of Prussia, PA - SUCK IT!


I was there at 9am and they didn't have the 10.1 upgrade. I don't know who f'ed up, but Apple or CompUSA should have made certain that all their stores had copies. But hey, I downloaded everything I need. I just want my legitimate copy. Apple is just asking for people to send copies of this thing over file sharing programs. Distribution sucks. SUCK IT.

Yeah, I'm bitter. I was out of town all weekend no where no a Mac store -- it was my only shot. Hope they have a copy Monday ...

I feel your pain and understand *exactly* what you're talking about.

I was in the KOP store today (Sunday) and tried to purchase a 10.1 upgrade. I was told they'd be in "sometime next week." But no promises.

I'm going to try the Wilmington CompUSA, just over the border on 202.

I tend to like that store better--the CompUSA in KOP is useless, really. Support is poor and the staff do tend to NOT be very helpful, in general.

The Wilmington store is much better--cleaner, better staff.

In fact, I'm surprised the KOP CompUSA hasn't gone out of business--I guess being the only game in town has its advantages. . . . :)

And, I don't think the KOP store's suck-factor has much to do with Apple. What Apple NEEDS to do is to open an Apple Store in the KOP mall. . . . :)
KOP -- The Plaza is perfect for it. The Court doesn't get the foot traffic, but the Plaza does -- and I'd say it's somewhat upscale. Oh well. I got my system at the Wilmington store (no tax!), but it's pretty far for the upgrade. I'm going to try Bundy Computer in Center City Philadelphia tomorrow (Monday) after work -- it's only a few blocks from my place. I also work in KOP so I'll keep trying the CompUSA maybe this week during lunch. But I'd rather not give them business, even if it means just giving them foot traffic. I've never been impressed with their Apple store and staff -- or, lack of a staff.
Just an FYI,

I just got my FREE copy of 10.1 upgrade--they had a whole box. (Tuesday evening, 6:00 P.M.).

Give 'em a try.

I didn't need to show proof of OS X purchase or anything--just went back to the service desk and he gave it to me. :)

That's it--just a follow-up.