computer list not showing all computers


I have set up 240 computers in a computer list in Workgroup Manager. When I went in to verify,only 70 showed up in the list.Funny thing is,that in Inspector,it shows all the computers when I click on 'Computer' but still shows 70 when I click on the 'Computer list'. I there any way I can get those showing in 'Computers' to show in the Computer List without re-doing the whole thing.?
Using Open Directory



xserve 10.39 using ldap
Are the computers that are not showing up still managed? If so, does it really matter if you see them or not (other than it would be nice to be able to see them)?

The basic idea of putting the machines into a computer list is so you can manage their preferences. If this is working, then being able to see the 240 machines is really not that important as long as you know the 240 that are in the list.

I have not seen this type of problem myself, but I don't think we have any computer list with over 240 computers in them. Our problem is we have so many computer lists, because we like to manage printers, and so we have at most 30-40 computers in a list (labs).

If, OTOH, your 170 computers (240-70) are not being managed, than I would call Apple support and report the bug. They probably won't do anything except tell you to update to 10.4 server though.
No the computers that are not in the list are not being managed. I bit the bullet and deleted them all from 'Computer' and started from scratch.

Thanks anyway
Did you receive an error at any point when adding any computer to this computer list?

Last year when we had OS X 10.3 servers, this would happen at our large school. When adding a computer to a computer list, and you click Apply, an error message would come up. At this point, we were told by Apple NOT to do anything else in WGM, but to QUIT immediately, and then open WGM and fix the problem. That got us by through the end of the school year (at which time we updated to 10.4 server). We haven't had any of those problems with 10.4 so far, but it has only been 2 months, and school hasn't started yet…
I just had Apple in our school for this issue and seems to be a bug in 10.3 we are managing around 1000 computers and I had all kinds of problems with disapearing computers and the computer list blowing up. We upgraded to 10.4 server yesterday and it seems most of the problems had been resolved. The best part is it is really easy to backup and restore Open Directory using Server Admin. If you can upgrade your server but remember to make an image of your server in case things go bad. NetRestore Helper is great for making an image of your server. Hope this helps.