config.h (GNU make generated) -> PB project



I'm basically a Linux guy who saw the light when I discovered OS X public beta.

I managed to compile some unix console-based utilities thanks to the standard GNU utilities and the classical way (AKA legacy project in Project Builder) of building tools:

make install
make clean

They compiled after just a minimum tweaking (Darwin is a BSD, after all -- and a pretty good one). Now, I'd like to be able to do two things:

1.- get rid of the 'legacy' config.h & files and replace them with whatever-they-call-it-in-Project-Builder -- I know I'll have to do a tedious work for this, but what the Hell, I want it *well done*, in the Mac way;

2.- add a simple GUI to these MacOS X-ized utilities thanks to interface builder.

I think it's a fairly common task, but I just haven't found a line about it anywhere on the web or in deja's archives. God knows I've searched, though.

Can anybody help me by providing me guidelines (they don't have to be very precise, I just need to know which ways to follow). Or, even better, do tutorials exist about how to do that ?

Thank you