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I'm attempting to print to my HP OfficeJet 4215 printer which is connected to an IOGear print server from my mac powerbook G4 running Tiger. I've tried adding the printer by using the Printer Setup Utility where I've selected IP Printing using the Internet Printing Protocol - IPP. Unfortunately, whenever I attempt to select the my printer from the Print Using combo box, my HP officejet 4215 (or the 4200 series) is not listed. I've tried some of the other printers in the list but none has worked. I've also attempted to use the Default Browser option which finds the AppletTalk printer that I've configured using the IOGear software, but I'm still unable to select the appropriate driver because it's not listed. According to the HP website, Tiger comes with a driver that supports this printer so I'm confused as to why it's not in the list. Is there a way to get it listed or manually configure the system to use the correct driver? I'm confident that the print server works with my printer because I'm able to print to this printer using Windows XP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I hope it is clearer this time...
The driver supplied by HP doesn't support network printing, because it bypasses CUPS. Your HP driver only does USB. CUPS (on OS X) knows how to do IP printing, but your HP driver doesn't work through CUPS. You'll need to install the hpijs and ESP ghostscript driver set from:
(and you'll have to use the O-Jet 4200 model since yours isn't in there.)
Sorry for these workarounds - they're because HP doesn't want you to use this as a network printer. If you buy the models with ethernet or WiFi built-in, those drivers work over a network.

For confirmation of what I've said, read this from HP:

If you are having problems with IP printing, enter the IOGEAR port Queue Name in the ADD printer dialog (in other words, don't use default). This IOGear guide says the queue name should be "lp1" -
You could also try IP>HP Jetdirect protocol (which doesn't need a queue name), because Jetdirect support is mentioned in the spec.

Good luck.
Sorry, ESP ghostscript is required for all of the drivers _except_ Gimp-Print. Apple included a stripped-down ghostscript with Gimp-Print.