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Smiling 'till death
Ok, ive noticed how custimizable the new os is (especially compared to os 9), but theres only one problem, i dont know how to go abouts all of this. Im wondering if there are any good books out there that explain all of what the terminal can do (and various other utilities for command line), cause id really like to get into all of that command line shhhhhhtuff. any help?
im reviving this because i'm still looking for some good OS X books that would teach me all about the terminal (commands and such) and configuring the system.
I've only started my Unix bookshelf recently, but here's what I have. UNIX Power tools. Essential System Administration. Learning the UNIX Operating System. Learning the VI Editor.

The learning het UNIX OS book is a little teeny O'Reilly book, a nice quick reference.
ok, thanks. only one question, those books sound like they revolve around the unix system. now i know that os x is built on unix, but what im wondering if all the stuff in those books applies to the new mac system.
In a word... yes. They apply to the UNIX part that is underneath the GUI, but they do not have to do with Mac-specific things. There might be a couple of things that don't apply simply because they try and make their instructions cover flavors of UNIX equally so some alternate instruction might only work in HP's flava of UNIX or something like that, but other than things like that, yes it all applies.
If you aren't all that comfortable with UNIX, just starting to learn, then I recommend

"learning csh/tcsh" by O'Reilly

tcsh is your default shell, so you should be pretty comfortable with it...

I bought this book myself, and I think it has reduced head-scratching quite alot.

My friend gave me "UNIX" (Visual QuickStart Guide) and this one covers alot of basics. This one also has pictures... (expected output of commands, etc) so this one makes it pretty easy to understand what you're looking at.

I guess the best way to find books is to get a few recommendations, then go to borders and spend some time reading them... and whatever you may find there... and go with whatever you're comfortable with... or you can just spend a few hours at the borders everyday... :p
I highly reccomend the O'Rielly book Practical UNIX & Internet Security, but not just for the security information. The book is a very good explanation of UNIX itself.
ok, ive looked at the books recommended and ive noticed one thing, they all revolve around the unix system. like stated before, im looking for some good OSX books that will teach me all about the terminal commands. so in other words, looking for a book that teaches me about the integration of unix and OS X through the terminal. thanks for your guy's help though, might buy some of them.