Configuring lpd / lpr?


Hey all-

Wow, and to think all I had to type was ... shoulda looked here first; glad to see a macosx forum. :)

Now the question:

I have OSX running fine and I want to print from it. Specifically, from the command line. I have a HP printer on ethernet with postscript, and OSX apps as well as OS9 apps see it perfectly. Zero problems printing.

The issue is, I want to be able to print from the terminal window. Never having been the administrator of any unix machine, I've never had to configure such a critter. Someone told me that you have to use NetInfoManager, but for the life of me I have zero idea what to put where. And, of course, there's zero documentation.

Has anyone been able to get this running? I believe OSX and OS9 are talking to the printer via AppleTalk, but the printer also has an ip address as well, so I could presumably use that if I can't route lpr/lpd through the print center.

Thanks for any info.
lpr [file]
lp [file]

lpstat -d
list default printer

lpstat -t
list stati of all destination


man lp
man lpr
man lpstat

you will need to have a printer(s) set up on your machine already, and without specifying the print destination explicitly you file will print to the default printer...

This is also helpful: http://localhost:631/documentation.html
Http://localhost isnt fine on IE 5.x.
theres a bug in it, so u have to put in the direct adress and the port.
This means u can access an easy to go graphical interface at http:/
u should be able to manage ur ethernet printer here...